About Us...

A mortgage broker is a trained professional who works with not one, but a variety of lenders to find the best loan to fit your needs. As your personal shopper for home loans, we scour daily rate sheets from many lenders in order to determine who has the best pricing available for you. In this way, mortgage brokers are able to lock in the lowest rate for the borrower saving possibly thousands of dollars over the life of the loan.

Our Personal Mission Statement
People assume finding the right loan is much like comparing prices in the supermarket. Assuredly, it is not. Our goal is to help you understand which loan products are available to you. It is not until we first determine which loan type will be best for you that we look for the lowest rate. Our primary satisfaction comes from doing a good job for you. Therefore, we work as counselors and advocates to help you feel comfortable during the loan process. We believe that the only "silly" question is the one that goes unasked.

Loan Programs
We have many loan options besides the standard conventional, FHA, VA loans. We offer bank statement, stated and asset depletion loans as well as many other options. We have competitive interest rates on our conforming and jumbo fixed rate loans as well as with our adjustable rate loans. We can provide "interest only" loans, cash out refinances and home equity lines of credit. Call us and see what we can do for you.

The loan consultants working for C2 Financial Corporation BRE#01048403 are one of a kind both in character and experience. Our goal is to help you by relieving you of the stress that can come with trying to find the lowest rate. We do that for you. We are experts at structuring loans and all of our loan officers are certified mortgage originators but separate ourselves from the competition by having financial planning and/or in-depth real estate background. We donate a portion of the loan proceeds to helping needy children in third world cultures as a way of helping others.

We Don't Want Everyone's Business...
Just yours. We work mostly by referral and have clients coming back to us over and over again. We know the value of a satisfied client and always do our best to do whatever it takes to make them feel good about the loan process. We hope to add YOU to our "happy client" list too. We have your best interests (and interest rates too) at heart.

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This licensee is performing acts for which a real estate license is required. C2 Financial Corporation is licensed by the California Bureau of Real Estate, Broker # 01821025; NMLS # 135622. Loan approval is not guaranteed and is subject to lender review of information. Loan is only approved when lender has issued approval in writing. Specified rates may not be available for all borrowers. Rate subject to change with market conditions. C2 Financial Corporation is an Equal Opportunity Mortgage Broker/Lender. (Add this for website disclaimer: The services referred to herein are not available to persons located outside the state of California.)

C2 Financial Corporation is approved to originate VA and FHA loans, and has the ability to broker such loans to VA and FHA approved lenders. C2 FinancialCorporation is not acting on behalf of or at the direction of HUD/FHA or the VA.

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